Creative Consultancy

Tailored Solutions for Your Vision


At 9a Pixels, we recognize that not everyone may opt for our content creation services. In response, we've introduced our consultancy service, extending our expertise to businesses with in-house photographers or individual freelancers facing creative challenges

Common Scenarios We Address:

  • Struggling to formulate creative ideas or campaigns?

  • Having ideas but uncertain about their execution?

  • Possessing a script or moodboard but unsure if it's up to par or if improvements can be made?

Our consultancy calls are structured on an hourly basis, offering flexibility based on your needs. Whether you need a quick brainstorming session or an in-depth discussion, our consultancy service is here to provide insightful and precisely tailored guidance. Let us be the support you need to elevate your creative endeavors.

Our Tailored Solution: Schedule a consultancy call with us for guidance on:

  • Idea generation

  • Execution strategies

  • Reviewing and enhancing your existing scripts or moodboards

  • Advanced advice on lighting and composition

Hourly Consultancy Rates:

1 hour - ₹5000

2 hours - ₹7500

3 hours - ₹12500

4 hours - ₹17500