Let your food and drink products tantalize the senses!

Here is what we offer for clients

Food Portrait

To showcase the details of the food and keep only the Food in the frame. It can be either closeup or plane background image

- Can be used in your website/ social media or Commercial site to showcase your food its color texture and other features

Food Story

Every food have a story associated. We bring that story into the image along with the Food.

- It can be a process shot or ingredients used and this can be used in different platforms

Lifestyle Photos

How about including a model and covey the mood and story about the Food

- It can show the occasion of food and type of food and mood associated. This can also used in various platform for a more clearer version.

Food Product

To showcase the details of the food products.

Tell the story behind the brand and how the product makes the difference in day to day life.

Creative Photos

Magic in food, yes its possible. How about some flying food on the table. It would be interesting and get immediate attention from the viewers. This can use to showcase the ingredients goes into the food or food itself.

Food Videos

We can create Recipe videos or any storytelling videos around food - It can be used for Advertisement purposes as well as to engage audience in digital Platform.

Our Process...

Pre - Production

Post- Production


First of we'll get to know your brand and understand the ‘why’ behind your photoshoot and the purpose of the content. We’ll develop unique and creative concepts that align perfectly with your brand. It’s then time to source your props, backgrounds, search for talent if required and swing through our pre-production board to you for your approval prior to shooting day.

This is where we get on the tools, enter the creative zone, and begin shooting! Our pre-production stage ensures we have an efficient shoot that addresses the needs of your project.

THIS is where the MAGIC happens and your project is brought to life! Make it unique to your brand. With extensive skills in Photoshop and access to 1000s of graphics to add that little bit of extra sparkle if required, there’s no limit to what can be created!


Your project is unique and is different from every other brand. There’s no one price fits all which is why we custom quote your project to ensure we’re pricing based on exactly what YOU need as our client.

To get the ball rolling, we’ll ask you to complete a creative brief (or alternatively jump onto a phone call) so we can really get to know your brand, your target market, and your goals for the project. Once we know more about what you need, we can provide you with a quote.