From Passion to Excellence: A Remarkable Journey as a Product Photographer

Let me take you through our Journey

5/31/20232 min read

In 2017, with the acquisition of my first camera, I embarked on a journey that would forever change my life. What began as a mere curiosity quickly transformed into a fervent passion for capturing the essence of products through the lens. Join me as I reflect upon the remarkable milestones achieved during our evolution as product photographers.

The Spark of Inspiration: Like the click of a shutter, photography ignited a fire within me. As I delved deeper into the art, I found myself drawn to the mesmerizing world of food photography. This journey began unexpectedly when I lent a helping hand as a hand model for my sister's food videography project. Little did I know that this would be the catalyst for my foray into the captivating realm of food photography.

Nurturing Knowledge and Sharing Insights: In 2018, fueled by the desire to refine my craft, I devoted myself to extensive practice and exploration. It was during this time that fate led me to cross paths with Urvee, a kindred spirit who shared my passion for photography. Our shared interests in simplifying the intricacies of this art form motivated us to establish "Decoding Food Photography," a community-driven initiative. Through this platform, we embarked on a mission to share behind-the-scenes moments, insights, and valuable learning resources via our newsletter.

Commercial Success and Global Reach: The year 2020 marked a turning point as I took on my first commercial assignment for a renowned coffee brand. This experience not only solidified my skills but also opened doors to a world of possibilities. As word spread, more inquiries flooded in, offering diverse opportunities to work with brands from various sectors. From capturing the essence of products to venturing into videography, we embraced every challenge with a thirst for self-learning and growth.

Over the past two years, we have had the honor of serving over 60 esteemed brands. The content we created has resonated with an astonishing audience of over 10 crores, transcending borders and cultures. Our reach extended far beyond India, as we collaborated with clients from the United States, United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates. Working with a diverse range of international brands, such as Asianet, Kanchana, and Nutreat, has further enriched our experience and widened our horizons.

Proud Milestones: Our journey has been marked by several significant milestones that have fueled our passion and driven us to excel. Notably, being shortlisted in the esteemed Pink Lady Photographer of the Year 2023 competition stands as a testament to our dedication and skill. Furthermore, our work depicting the captivating story of a South Indian Cardamon Company was showcased at the Dubai Global Expo Festival, while our efforts in highlighting the importance of recycling tins of Nutreat were featured at a prestigious UN conference.

Looking Towards the Future: As we look back on our extraordinary journey, we remain humbled and grateful for the opportunities that have come our way. The path ahead holds endless possibilities for growth, exploration, and the creation of captivating content. Our commitment to continuous learning and dedication to honing our craft drive us forward. With great excitement, we embrace the chance to collaborate with more clients, learn new techniques, and embark on fresh adventures.

From the moment I first held a camera in my hands, photography has been my unwavering passion. Through dedication, perseverance, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, I have witnessed the evolution of a hobby into a profession. Our journey as product photographers has been defined by invaluable experiences, global recognition, and the privilege of working with extraordinary brands. With heartfelt gratitude, we eagerly look forward to learning more, creating captivating content, and leaving an indelible mark on the world of product photography.