How it works

Our process detailed below so you know
in advance what to expect.

Pre - Production

Post- Production


Step 1

  • Understand the brand and the purpose of the photoshoot

  • Share proposals and finalize commercials

  • Arrange product shipment to the studio

  • Develop unique and creative concepts that align with the brand

  • Source props and backgrounds for the photoshoot

  • Search for talent if required

  • Create a pre-production board for approval

Step 2

  • Set up the studio or location with proper lighting and equipment.

  • Coordinate with talent, if applicable, and ensure they are prepared for the shoot.

  • Continuously assess and adjust the setup, lighting, and composition

  • Capture a variety of shots and angles to provide options for post-production

  • Maintain a collaborative and creative atmosphere to ensure a successful photoshoot

Step 3

Done !

  • Bring the project to life through post-production, using tools like Photoshop and other graphic editing software.

  • Present the first cut or draft of the edited content within 7 working days of completing the shoot.

  • Use extensive skills in Photoshop to enhance the visuals and add unique touches that align with the brand's identity.

  • Access a wide range of graphics to incorporate additional elements and create a visually appealing final product.

  • Integrate animation elements to make the video content more engaging and captivating.